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How legal truly enters the digital age.

Legal Automation Services designed to help you improve productivity. Automate non-billable tasks, improve billable productivity.

Save time

Automated form-fills, time tracking, billing and client management means up to 5x time savings.

Reduce errors

Automated form-filling saves time and reduces error while our QA process means significantly fewer clerical errors.

Focus on Sales

Let us handle the tedium quickly and effectively so you can focus more attention on obtaining new clients and increasing revenue.

Reliable document creation and vetting has finally arrived.

Our system and templates are tailored specifically to mid-sized law firms and corporate in-house legal departments that require fast turnarounds for low cost legal documentation creation.


Client Portal

A central secured client hub for all related client case files and forms provides transparency and access.

Performance Analytics

Individual lawyers and teams’ job performance can be measured across a wide range of metrics.

Document Automation

Auto-draft legal documents using dynamic templates and auto-fill pdf forms 5x faster with lower error rates.

Case Maintenance

Your case documents are secured, backed up and maintained on an ongoing basis for access anytime, anywhere.

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