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Tired of reviewing docs? Get a second pair of eyes.

Is reviewing application forms, contracts, or any of the documentation you’ve already spent your time writing up really the best way to spend your time?

We don’t think so. Why not use that time seeking out new clients, working on higher level tasks, and let us ensure that your documents meet the standards you and your clients expect.

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Send us a sample document or just tell us what type of documents you need reviewed and we’ll provide a quick quote in no time.

That second pair of eyes for your…

Immigration Applications

Your clients’ applications are extremely important, but let’s face it, they are also monotonous and tedious. Let AIDIA validate them and help you flag common mistakes and ensure they are properly completed.

Contract Reivew

You’ve done your due diligence. You’ve poured over the document but can barely read it anymore. Let us catch any of the remaining errors or omissions that might still exist so you can rest easy.

Documents that matter

Letters, essays, or any publication. You’ve done them 100 times, but mistakes still occur and having that second pair of eyes makes all the difference.

Quality You Can Trust

Our review process is simple but effective. Our experienced staff is trained to recognize those areas where mistakes are most likely to occur. A second pass performed using NLP ensures the highest level of quality.

Here to save you time.

Every hour we spend on your documents is an hour you can dedicate to more meaningful activities – business development, marketing initiatives, client relations. So, the question is, “how your time is better spent?” If it’s not on document review, then AIDIA is for you.

YOUR most important docs are OUR most important docs.

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We get it. It’s hard to delegate something you’re used to doing yourself. Change isn’t always easy but we’re here to make sure that when you’re ready to take that step, that change will rewarding.